Quicker, Smarter Vital Signs Measurement & Documentation

QuickTake vital signs workflow automation platform increases documentation accuracy and reduces human error.

Frontline medical workers are able to fully focus on the patient and their needs.

At QuickTake Health, we’re on a mission to improve the lives of healthcare workers by making their jobs easier while improving vital signs compliance, reducing cost, and accelerating positive outcomes.

Quicker Measurements:

Instantaneous measurements of patient's vital signs and removes human error. We capture Temperature, Height, Weight, and BMI.

Workflow Automation:

Vitals signs are measured and transmitted to the patient’s medical record while eliminating manual keyboard and mouse data entry.

Patient Engagement:

Patient specific education content delivered in HD and sent to patients smartphone.


QuickTake is a quicker, smarter way to document vital signs.

About Us

We Present:

Digital transformation of today's paper-based vital signs processes.

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Rand Ragusa

"We started QuickTake to improve the lives of medical workers by making their jobs easier."

John Noble, MD
“We utilize QuickTake to achieve a new level of digital care by populating the patient record in a more accurate, efficient and safe manner.”
Andrius Srogis, MSE
"QuickTake enables accurate patient data capture with clinical informatics and operational insights."

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