QuickTake Vital Sign Automation Platform

First Pilot Study

Center of Orthopedics- Lake Charles LA

Productivity Summary:

  • QuickTake process takes less than 2 minutes/patient

  • QuickTake cost less $ then old vital signs process

  • Replaced 3-4 minutes/patient vitals documentation process

Cost Analysis:

  • 1 Frontline Provider costs $15/hour x 400 Patients/day

  • 1 Provider documents 143 patients vital signs/day

  • 3 Providers to process 400 patients/day

  • 3 Providers cost $45/hour x 2,080 hours/year

  • Annual costs (not including benefits): $93,600

Pilot Cost Savings Summary:

Time Required

Total Time Required per Patient:

pre-QTH Device:

QTH Device:

3.5 min

Patient Capacity

1 x Clinic Staff:

Total Daily Patient (P) Capacity:

3x Clinic Staff:

2x QTH Device:

120 P

360 P

480 P

Saving Summary:y

Staff Cost Summary:

Annual 3x staff costs @ $15/hour:

Extra Available Capacity:



QTH Device Cost Summary:

Annual 2x QTH Device Cost:

Extra Available Capacity:



At QuickTake Health (QTH), we're able automate the access  to patient profiles through imaging recognition software taking 45 seconds. After the patients profile is launched the time required to scan for vital signs is 15 seconds. This totals, 60 seconds, the time required per patient on QTH device.

One QTH device offers the ability to take on 280 patients daily. With just two devices you can access 480 patients for a daily capacity which is 4 x 1 clinical staff

QTH offers clinics and healthcare related homes the ability to purchase our devices in a set costing $49,200 annually, 

1 min